16 ago. 2012

For Friday Aug-17 : Dow 57.1% probability it will go up

S&P and Nasdaq have a 61.9% of probability it will go up
This Friday is August expiration of options.
Lately Dow up 7 times in a row between 2003 and 2009.

Este es el % de probabilidad que los mercados suban en un dia especifico, basado en el numero de veces que el mercado ha subido los ultimos 21 años (1990-2010). Verde favorable a los Toros,Rosa favorable para los Osos.

This is the % of probability that markets will go up in an specific day. Base on the number of times the markets has gone up that date during the last 21 years (1990-2010). Green  favors bulls, Pink  favors bears.