7 jun. 2012

China : Enfriamento confirmado / Cooling confirmed

Ahora le toco el turno a China, siguiendo a Brazil e India como lo mencionamos aqui y aqui. El unico que falta del grupo de los BRICs es Rusia, pero con tanto gas y petroleo a la mano, no vemos necesaria una reduccion de tasas en el corto plazo,al menos no motivada por un enfriamento de la economia.Suerte !

Now it was the turn for China, following Brazil and India, as mentioned here and here.The only missing from the BRICs is Russia, but with some much gas and oil, we do not forsee an interest rate reduction in the short term for Russia. Good Luck!.

From the Financial Times :
China has cut interest rates by 25 basis points, its strongest move yet to prop up the economy as growth weakens.The benchmark one-year lending rate is now 6.31 per cent, while the one-year deposit rate is 3.25 per cent. It is the first time that the Chinese central bank has reduced rates since 2008. Just a couple of months ago, few analysts had forecast that Beijing would cut rates, believing that China was on track for a ‘soft landing’.But after growth slowed to 8.1 per cent in the first quarter, recent data showed the economy was on track for a sharper deceleration.